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Meet the Principal


  Hello Colt Families! 

We are starting another great year at Lincoln Crossing Elementary (LCE) School! Students and staff will grow, learn, and have fun together this year! Lincoln Crossing Elementary is proud of our collaborative approach to student learning, our focus on individual student leadership, our strong commitment to the visual and performing arts, as well as connecting to our community of  professionals and families! 

We will continue to focus on building positive, supportive relationships with an added focus on increasing student attendance as learning gaps increase when students are not in school. Every student belongs to all of us, we look out for each other and accept that we all teach and learn in different ways. This is powerful because all of us succeed when we open our minds to a variety of ways to learn. As always our plan is to have fun, laugh, and learn together. This can only happen when everyone feels safe and connected. LCE provides a supportive, nurturing learning environment where students and staff feel safe and have fun while learning and growing. 

We deeply believe “It’s a Great Day to Be a Colt!” and we hope you’ll agree that LCES is a great place to be. We are actively working together as a team to support each child’s academic, social and emotional well-being starting day one. As always, we’ll continue to hone in on math  instruction, and expand our work in language arts, science, and music! We will continue to make student connections and develop a growth mindset in every child, remembering that persistence, good  habits, hard work, and productive failure and frustration (learning opportunities) lead to success in school and relationships. 

Student and staff leadership is an important component of our school culture and we want to  empower every member of our community to be their best self and to celebrate their individual gifts and talents in the classroom, on the playground, and campus. 

It’s a Great Day to Be a Colt! 

Dr. Denise Parnell (Dr. D.)