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What is PBIS?


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About & History of PBIS at LCES

Appropriate behavior in class and in non-structured time (lunch/recess) allows all children to access their education, and it often starts with positive relationships between adults and children and between children.

Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is a comprehensive program that originated out of the University of Oregon about 30 years ago. PBIS is a research orientated framework, and Lincoln Crossing has adopted it because it is proven to improve social, emotional and academic outcomes for all students, including students with disabilities and students from underrepresented groups. PBIS is used at other schools in WPUSD, and is regarded as a flagship behavior support program at the Placer County Office of Education.

At Lincoln Crossing, we are using the framework to provide varying levels of support based on specific behavior needs of our students. School wide, all of our students are taught our school expectations from day one: Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible and Be a Problem Solver, and we spend time throughout the year considering how these apply in each area of the school. We also use the tenets of PBIS to work with families and children who are struggling meeting the schools expectations. Our admin and teacher team work collaboratively with parents and students to identify and implement and increased intensity of supports if behavior challenges continue after a student receives multiple behavior infractions and our classroom systems have been ineffective. 

Lincoln Crossing started exploring the PBIS framework several years ago:

  • 2016-18: we worked to realign our expectations and systems to be in line with the framework.
  • 2018-19: we continued to expand our capacity to provide additional behavior interventions and supports and to work on developing systems to honor students who are making great choices. Currently, we use Colt Pride tickets, citizenship awards, and ticket pulls to honor students, but we are excited to launch some new positive behavior initiatives next year.
  • 2019-20: we'll continue to focus on the P, but also on expanding our support for students and families by offering small group supports, family education nights, and individualized support for students as needed.

The Lincoln Crossing staff have set up two PBIS Committees that meet regularly - one group meets to analyze behavior reports, identify areas of need and set up programs/systems to support these areas. A second team is working with our teaching staff on the academic side of the intervention model - looking at data to understand where students may be struggling and setting up academic interventions to support them early on. We loop back with our whole staff monthly at our staff meetings so that everyone is informed about our successes and next steps.


If you would like to learn more about PBIS, please consider exploring these websites: