Fun and/or Effective Ways to Study Spelling:

Note:  The best way to remember any knowledge is to practice actually remembering it.  One needs to cover up the answers (words in this case) and recall each one at a time.  Just staring doesn't work.  You can stare a thing all day but you won't know how to pull it back out of memory unless your mind has practice knowing which places of your mind to look in. 

SERIOUS/EFFECTIVE ways to study: 

1. Have a parent or older sibling give a 'spelling test' aloud  - at the dinner table is a good place - the child can answer aloud or on paper.

2. Use index cards for flash cards put the hint (or number) for each on the front and the word/answer on the back.

3. Fold a piece of binder paper.  Put the hints or the numbers of the words on the outside and the 'answers' (spelling words)  inside.   You can put all the words on just one sheet of binder paper.  The trick in folding the paper is to keep yourself from seeing the answers.   This way you can quiz yourself.  (Students use this trick all the way up through college. )
4. Visit - enter your words and play any of the online games!  Go to their home page 1st to enter the words.  (They will try to sell you a 'premium' membership but you don't need it.)  It's very good!  It says the words for you and uses them in a sentence! 


Use your computer and use a paint program or a word processor to write the words.
Write the words in ABC order.  
Write words two, three, four, or five times each. 
Spell your words in sand, or in the dirt, or even with food.  (Only IF it is okay with your parents!)