Kindergarten Homework Information


          Our Kindergarten team creates and implements a homework program that closely compliments and enhances what we do in school.  Your child will receive an entire month's homework once a month.  Some activities will require writing, some reading, some math, some talking, some creating, and some exercising.  Some months also have a fun project to do and a little help is required from the family on these although the project is to be done mostly by the child.  Please make sure your child is doing their work correctly and neatly.


          Each month we encourage reading with your child.  There is a place on the homework to mark when you read together. Our goal for September is to read 300 minutes


          A parent/child response journal is included in the packet, and we request that you complete it at the end of the month with your child.  Please return the completed calendar, parent response journal  and all written work.


          We believe these homework ideas offer a great variety of weekly assignments while engaging your child in creative learning.   They reinforce what we will be doing in our classrooms so please don't skip ahead.  It is important to set up a homework routine and special place to complete the work, which is free of distractions (TV off).


          Remember, reading is still the most beneficial activity you and your child can do on a daily basis to improve learning, build fundamental skills and stimulate imagination.  So please, read, read, read and then enjoy the homework calendars!



The Lincoln Crossing Elementary Kindergarten Team