Suggested Supplies To Have on Hand

Pencil Sharpener
Glue sticks
Child Scissors
Paper (lined)
Blank Paper (for computer or to draw)


Different children work best at different times of the day.  Establish a specific daily routine for homework.  The homework content is tied to our instruction.

You may want to begin right after they get home or have a snack and then begin. 
Homework should not take over 15 minutes.  Reading time is separate
.  If homework is a struggle or is taking longer than this, please contact your child's teacher.

  • Distractions

    Please find a quiet place, away from all distractions.  The TV, computer, video games,  younger siblings, etc.  should be away from your child.   Also, on some work, give the direction and then walk away so they can do the work independently.  After a few minutes, you can check their work and give praise or have them redo it if it is messy or incorrect so they do their best.


    Reading to or having your child read to you is so important and should be an enjoyable part of your routine.  Find a time (before bed is a good time) to sit side by side and read.  It is so important to talk about the pictures, what is happening in the story and then discuss what they thought about it.  Talk about the characters, beginning, middle and ending of the story, how they could change the ending and if they learned something from the story.

    Kindergarten Homework Activities

    You will receive a laminated sheet with various activities to practice with your child that are noted on the homework, but you can also do them other times!  Please keep this all year for referencing.  These are so important to do and are also posted on our K website.  Our homework activities require some writing, some reading, some math, some exercising, some coloring and other things.  Some items need more of your assistance than others.  We also include several family projects.  Please make sure your child fully participates in the family projects (they are not to be parent done).

    Practice Worksheets & Proper Pencil Grip

    There are Kindergarten practice worksheets available (to print) on this Kindergarten website. 
    There is lined paper, alphabet & number writing, etc. 
    Please use the lined paper for name writing practice. 
    They should write their first name with the first letter capitalized and the rest of the letters lowercase.

    Please look at proper pencil grip and letter formation in the Handwriting Without Tears book (page 6 - you will receive this book with your child's homework). 
    Please encourage the correct grip and letter formation.  Ask us for help if this is a struggle.