Older Emails Related to Spring 2020 COVID 19/School Closure


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It's a Great Day to Be A Colt!

Thursday, March 19, 2020
Dear Colt Families,
What a wild week this has been for everyone! We hope this finds you and yours healthy and safe!
This week, we sent home packets for all students (except for TK and 4th - they got all of their materials on Friday afternoon) and almost all have been picked up. I will be in the office until 2 pm today and again from 10am-2pm on Friday to take calls or to pick up packets. 
You can ALWAYS email your teacher with content questions, and you can ALWAYS email me with other ‘school’ questions - big things I’m hearing right now are requests for login info for their child and issues with not receiving emails from me/the district. But no question is a bad question! Please give us 24 hours to respond. If you have an urgent need, you are welcome to call/text me directly at 702 324 6884 (text is best!).
If you wanted to get on the list to borrow a chromebook because you do not have any digital device that your child can borrow, you must email me by today at 4 pm with that request - I don’t think the district can make any exceptions because of their limited capacity.
Even if you aren’t usually a social media person, I encourage you to pop into Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and follow LCES (and maybe your teacher!). Every day, I am pushing out recorded books on YouTube (search for Jennifer Hladun and look for the LCES/Colt logo) and interesting things to do with your kiddos that aren’t likely to be in your work packet but may be fun for your child/family! 
We appreciate your patience and flexibility as we navigate these strange times. Please remember that wpusd.org is the clearing house for all communication about our district’s response/support. In addition, our website, lces.wpusd.org, has all of these ‘whole school’ emails copied on the main page as well as the links to your teacher's websites and Clever (for things like iReady, Benchmark Advance, etc...).
We miss your kiddos and the energy of the classroom/school community. Please let your students know we look forward to seeing them as soon as it’s safe for us to all be together!
Jen Hladun


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It's a Great Day to Be A Colt!

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Dear Colt Families,
All of our teachers have worked hard in recent days to put together materials for your children to dig into during this school closure period. Some of our objectives:
  • the goal of these materials is to keep your child engaged in school, but it is not a typical academic load, and the work is optional. 
  • the work will not be graded, but many of our teachers are hoping their students make an effort on the work so that we can resume school with minimal impact. 
  • our teachers have aimed to send home about 8 hours of work for each week of the closure - you child may move through it faster or slower, and that’s okay. 
  • the work is designed to be done independently, and if your child has any questions, you are encouraged to reach out to your teacher with questions. 
  • your teacher may also send out more information via email or using digital platforms.
  • your teacher also knows if a computer/internet is unavailable in your home based on our technology survey results - and he/she will work with you to find ways for your child to engage in content!
  • Mrs. Adams has put together some music based materials online - visit lces.wpusd.org > Staff Web Sites > under the Enrichment Bullet
A reminder that there are lots of things your child can do anytime...reading, playing, building, writing notes to family, playing with pets, arts & crafts (if you are a brave parent!), and activities of special interest to your child/family. There are lots of tech activities your child can do, too - typing practice, iReady, Prodigy, Scratch, and more...online companies are opening their portals with free content in a pretty astounding way! 

We will be distributing classroom materials to families from the MPR on Wednesday, 3/18/20 for students in grades K-5 (AM and PM TK materials all went home on Friday).

Please come at the following times (if you can) to pick up your child’s materials. You can pick up materials for your friends/neighbors, too. 

Last Name Starts With...
Come to the MRP Doors At...
Wed., 3/18 from 9-11am
Wed., 3/18 from 11am-1pm
Wed., 3/18 from 1pm-3pm
Open Pick Up
Wed., 3/18 from 3pm-5pm

We’ll see how many packets are left to pick up after Wednesday and I’ll be back in touch with additional times if needed.

Please remember that the purpose of school closure is to support social distancing. This is a quick-ish pick up process. Please do not congregate. Although your kids need fresh air, please leave your kids at home/in the car (if possible). I know we have a wonderful community, but let’s be mindful of the ‘why’ behind this whole thing and be respectful of those in our community who are really working hard to stay safe and healthy.

If, for some reason, you absolutely cannot come by campus on Wednesday (for health or other reasons), please let me know so we can find an alternative option for you.

Final thought, our teachers are checking their email at least once daily. If, after you get your child’s materials, you have any questions, just send them a quick note - they’ll get back to you soon!

Be sure to keep an eye on social media (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) or our school app for reminders. Big updates will come through email, voicemail and social media platforms.

Jen Hladun


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It's a Great Day to Be A Colt!

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Dear Colt Families,

There is no Colt Connection for this week, but I wanted to share a couple of next steps and resources with you in the meantime:

To Dos:
  • Sometime tonight, please fill out this survey so we can best meet your child’s/family’s needs around classwork/school engagement during this school closure
  • If you or someone you know is not receiving emails from me or from the school district, they should send and email to communication@wpusd.org to get that figured out...for most of these cases, it’s an issue with the database that we aren’t able to fix on the school site level, unfortunately

Next Steps:
  • Either your teacher or I will be in touch early next week (probably on Tuesday!) about how to pick up any extra materials that your teacher would like your child to have. I’ll be distributing materials from the MPR over a wide variety of hours next week...but be on the watch for info
  • Every teacher is approaching the next few weeks differently. If, after you’ve picked up materials from the school next week and/or gotten communication from your teacher, you have questions, definitely send your teacher an email or communicate through their established classroom communication platform
  • If your child receives free/reduced lunch, watch for more information about how that will be handled...the district is working on a plan currently!
  • Watch our social media feeds for both information as well as some ideas of fun things you might do with your kids during this unusual time

We will push any big info out via email, phone message,FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, and our LCES school app. We’ll post big communication on our website (lces.wpusd.org), and our social media feeds are visible on our website, too. You can always visit our webpage main page (lces.wpusd.org) for up to date information from our site.

It turns out we will not have anyone stationed at the phones on Monday. If you have an urgent need, please call us at 916 434 5292. If no one answers, please call back later or ring me directly on my cell phone at 702 324 6884 (text is always best on my phone!) The district office will have someone answering their phones from 10am-2pm M-F (916 645 6350).

Jen Hladun


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It's a Great Day to Be A Colt!

Friday, March 13, 2020
Dear Colt Families,
You’ve likely heard from our Superintendent, Mr. Scott Leaman, that all WPUSD schools will be closed on Monday, 3/16 through Monday, 4/13. It is our hope to resume school on Tuesday, 4/14 (after Spring Break). A copy of Mr. Leaman’s email and FAQ can be found here.
This is a really unusual situation, and one we’ve never encountered before. My team is working hard right now, this weekend and on Monday to ensure your students have access to the materials they will need to remain engaged in their academics between 3/16 and 4/3. It is our hope that you’ll help us help your students - this isn’t a ‘vacation,’ but rather a chance to support our community and avoid the spread of COVID-19 virus so that it doesn’t compromise the health of the most vulnerable in our community.
A few things to know/do:
  • Please fill out this survey between now and Sunday evening so we have a sense of what works best for you in terms of receiving/completing classwork
  • Please await more communication (likely on Tuesday or Wednesday) from me about how you can pick up any materials your child may need; we anticipate distributing materials toward the middle/end of next week; your teacher may email you sooner with things you can do at home right away
  • Please do NOT come to campus on Monday. Our staff will be very busy prepping materials and closing our campus. Please call us with any questions between 8am-4pm at 916 434 5292. The District office will be taking calls M-F from 10am-2pm at 916 645 6350
  • All communication from LCES in the coming weeks will go out via school messenger, our social media pages and our app
This decision was incredibly difficult for our school leadership to make, and we appreciate your help and cooperation during this difficult time. Please stay safe and healthy. If you need anything urgently, I invite you to call me directly at 702 324 6884.

Jen Hladun