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iReady is a online program that assesses student's strengths and weaknesses in Reading and Math and provides individualized instruction to fill gaps and extend learning. Success in this program is tied closely to success in the SBAC assessments taken each spring in grades 3-5. iReady's research suggests that student performance on iReady aligns withing 85% of their performance on the SBAC.
We assess students using the iReady Diagnostic four times a year in grades 1 and 2, and 3 times a year in K and 3-5.
Students are asked to do about 45 min of iReady Intervention work in both math and reading (so, about 90 min total). This Intervention work helps to fill in gaps and extend knowledge. The Intervention program provides content from grade K-8, so it can meet our students where ever they are! Your child's teacher will let you know how many iReady Intervention minutes your child is doing at school and how much he/she should do at home each week.
One key thing parents need to know about iReady - DON'T HELP YOUR CHILD WITH THE PROGRAM! It's designed to be at their just-right level, and if they struggle, the system won't keep asking them to do the same work, instead it informs the teacher so he/she can support your kiddo. If you help, the work in iReady will get really hard, really fast, and your child may experience unneeded frustration. Each time your child takes the diagnostic, it resets the intervention work to be 'just right' based on their new learning.