The Colt Neighborhood
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We are developing a wellness center on campus called the Colt Neighborhood! During distance learning, we are also creating a digital version of the Neighborhood.
  • we are developing a series of quick videos introducing mindfulness techniques
  • introductory letter from our school psychologist
  • mental and social-emotional health resources from our school district
  • email Mrs. Hladun (Principal; or Ms. St. John (school psychologist; if you are concerned about your child's mental health - we may be able to make a referral to get him/her some additional support with a child/family therapist via our contract with Wellness Together

The Colt Neighborhood Videos:

Building a Toolkit of Resources:

Need a Visual or Mental break?
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Visit this bitmoji page for a relaxing trip to the beach or the woods, or to get some  relaxation with a furry friend!

Managing ANxiety and supporting mindfulness
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This packet of resources was compiled by our school psychologist and recommends a variety of books, apps, and websites,and language you can use with your child to help him/her increase their personal mindfulness and/or manage anxiety in social or academic settings. Click here to view the packet of resources!