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Children begin learning pre-reading skills before kinder even begins through activities like being in a language-rich environment, learning their ABCs and the sounds that the letters make, and even the letters in their name. Learning to read can be difficult, enlightening, exciting, fun, and scary - sometimes all at once.
Literacy isn't just about reading though - it includes reading, writing, comprehension, speaking, and listening skills. And in each category, there are sub-skills like decoding and learning the 'rules' of spelling and writing. It takes lots of practice. Many different types of practice and the opportunity to engage with words in many forms is essential to building strong skills. Perhaps the #1 thing you can do to support literacy skills is to read to your child and/or have him read to you.

Here is a list of literacy tips, tricks and tools that address the various areas of literacy from Kinder-8th grade.

If your child is struggling with reading, ask your teacher what level he/she is at, and start with the skills from that grade level to help build confidence, fill in skill deficits, and get motivated! 
Our team is doing the same at school. If a child doesn't make progress, then we meet and figure out how to better support your child - through small group instruction, leveled reading/writing materials, scaffolds to support the student, and more. Please contact your teacher with any questions.