Three Ways to Report an AbsenceTop of Page

Regular and on time attendance at school is essential for students - research shows a correlation between regular attendance and student achievement at school. The only times absences are excused is when a child is ill or there is a death in the immediate family. We know that there are times that your child is ill (and should stay home!) or that other circumstances may have your child missing school. In those cases, please take care to report your child's absence as soon as possible:
1. call the 24 hour absence reporting line at 916 644-0555. Be prepared to leave a message with:
  • child's name
  • date(s) of absence
  • reason for absence
  • teacher's name
2. report the absence on our Lincoln Crossing App - you can get details about the app here and you can do this 24 hours a day
3. stop into the office between 7 am-4 pm; one of our office team members can take down information about your child's absence.
If you have questions about absences or want to inquire about setting up a travel study for a planned absence of 5+ days, please stop into the office and speak with Tricia. For more information about the WPUSD attendance policies, please click here.