Enrollment - not an issue for the first time in forever!
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When Lincoln Crossing was designed, it was built to be a neighborhood school. A second school was scheduled to be built within the Lincoln Crossing community. However, with the struggling economy and reduction in facilities funds from the state, the additional school was delayed and as a result, our enrollment has traditionally been very high. As of 2019-20, our enrollment exceeded 700 students.

Although we will miss our Colts greatly, we are thrilled that our new community school (Scott M. Leaman Elementary School) has openined (as of Fall 2020), and that has brough our enrollment down to about 425 Colts...we barely know what to do with all the space we'll have! :) More information about LES, it's programs and boundaries can be found online at http://smles.wpusd.org/ 

If you have questions about registering your child at our school, please visit our district's enrollment site or contact our front office at 916 434-5292.